1. All Students shall always wear face masks while in the University, the Hostels and other public places
  2. Frequently wash your hands with soap under running water, for at least 20 seconds, at the various hand washing points provided within campus;
  3. All students shall maintain social /physical distance of at least 1.5M at all eateries, lecture rooms, hostels, cyber cafes and other social places.
  4. All Students are advised to avoid handshakes and unnecessary contacts.
    No visitors will be allowed in the hostels.
  5. Students to use their own pens when signing the relevant documents in the various service points and offices of the University.
  6. Hostel residents shall maintain good room sanitation and regularly clean/disinfect all working surfaces in the room.
  7. All Students should always maintain good respiratory hygiene:
    Avoid cough or sneeze with your mouth open,
  8. Ensure to cover your mouth and nose or in a flexed elbow while coughing and sneezing.
  9. Dispose of any used tissue immediately.


Students entering the University and various service places to undergo mandatory body temperature test at the entrance
if you feel unwell with symptoms like fever, cough and difficulty in breathing or aware of any neighbors/roommates who do not feel well call the Hotline number 0790 148 814 or 0770 593 807 for further help.


For any Covid -19 related issues call 0790 148 814 or 0770 593 807 for further help

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