It is important that our staff are safe, informed and prepared while continuing to serve and support the university. Whether a member of staff is teaching online or face to face on campus, they are encouraged to find ways to be equitable and flexible while upholding quality of teaching and learning and adapting to the needs of our students and stakeholders. As an institution we will remain resilient by embrasing e-learning and adapting to the new COVID-19 norm.

Face Masks/Shields

Wearing face masks/shields at all times within the University grounds and inside university buildings is mandatory except when alone in a private office or eating at campus dining facilities. The university will liase with manufacturers of face masks and other PPE’s so that staff and students who may require this type of personal protective equipment can acquire them at a reasonable price.

Symptom Screening

Daily temperature screening will be made available at multiple points around the campus. This will help keep the campus community safe and informed of their health status.

Teaching and Learning

The second semester is scheduled start in July/Aug. for face-to-face and blended learning modes and will end by Dec. 2020. Instructors who have strong preferences about their teaching mode, such as in-person, online, hybrid, or schedule preferences should work closely with their school and department so as to adopt the most effective mode under the prevailing circumstances. As an institution we will strive to ensure that the quality of teaching and learning will be upheld and enhanced.


Research activities in the University are ongoing while adhering to the minimum safety requirements as recommended by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education. Contact tracing logs will be maintained for all research spaces, with names and times of entry and exit. To a high level of hygiene, research spaces will continue to be cleaned regularly by an outsourced cleaning services company.

Office Hours

Staff members will be required to observe office hours on campus, while adhering to the University safety guidelines. Academic members of staff may from time to time depending on the COVID-19 situation observe virtual office hours via the e-platform if themselves or their students are unable to come to campus.

Facility Inspections

To ensure facilities are safe and systems are functioning properly and can accommodate adequate social distancing, PU has established a team within the DVC(AFP) division to inspect facilities and make recommendation for improvement where necessary.